Haunted Halloween Attractions In Indiana

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Are you looking for things to do in Indiana this Halloween?

Halloween in Indiana is an exciting time of the year for some, while others its a reminder of all the death and gore that the state’s history has. Indiana is a state that has a very bloody and gory history. The states name means “Indian Land” or sometimes its referred to “Land of the Indians” because the Native American Indians lived there for thousands of years before European settlers and explorers first came to the land.

Known for its rich fur trade at the time, Indiana was the place where many battles between the British and Canadians took place. Several years later on the same land that these battles took place there was even more bloodshed in the Civil War. In the Civil War alone it is estimated that 24,000 were killed and over 50,000 wounded.

It’s been said that the result of these battles have left angry spirits of the after-life wandering the land. Some of these spirits are looking for their way home from the war that ended over 150 years ago, while others are left wandering and looking for a way to complete their missions that could not be completed while here on this Earth.

Over the years, the memory of these lost souls have been converged into many different haunted attractions which are brought back to life for Halloween.

Even after all of the horror and bloodshed that the Hoosier State saw, there is still one place that is haunted by the scariest spirits in all of the Midwest. This year, the Ghostly Manor in Sandusky, Ohio will re-awaken the evil spirits and summon them back to life while re-enacting the Lake Eerie Fearfest.

Hide Your Fear And Prepare To Encounter The Lake Eerie Fearfest:

Darkmare – In the late 1860’s, an oversized merchant ship traveled across Lake Erie to an unknown destination. Thought to be transporting 50,000 metric tons of coal, the carrier mysteriously disappeared overnight. Legend has it that an unknown spirit forced the cargo to the deepest, darkest depths of Lake Erie. A container hidden aboard the bulk freighter, carried the bodies of the world’s most feared killers who had been tortured to death. The container was recovered, only to find it was still intact and chained closed with thousands of pounds of steel and locks. After years in total darkness under water, the container was opened and those who entered never returned. What is inside the darkness? Do you dare enter Darkmare?

Caged – Dr. Syman Starck, a marine biologist, spent his life searching for a discovery that would make him a legend. Starck built the largest man made exploration cage and pitched it into the Nasbian Sea, the most bacteria ridden, deadly water in the entire world. Taken from Starck’s personal illustrations, many believe that organisms thriving in the underworld were trapped in the cage, starving and unable to escape. Modern day machinery was able to haul the mysterious cage out of the water. The cage is said to be the home of hungry beings who hold a grudge against mankind. Lake Eerie Fearfest bought the cage at auction and brings it out for its’ first public display this haunt season. Enter the cage that Dr. Starck died for. It’s an outdoor haunted hunt where you are the prey amongst the underworlds’ most feared. Come get CAGED.

Quarantine – In the late 1920’s there was an institute that placed thousands of humans in solitary confinement for long periods of time, segregating them from the rest of society. It is unknown if these outcasts were disease ridden or imprisoned for other reasons. However, the confinement turned these undeserving humans into brutal, dangerous animals fighting for survival within the corroding quarantine walls. Discovered on an unmarked island on Lake Erie is the most gruesome of institutes, where the imprisoned bodies leave a deadly odor amongst the surviving villains you cannot escape.

Eerie Chateau – Defy fear and enter one of the worlds’ oldest and most terrifying haunted mansions. Thousands of stories have come out as folklore about the Eerie Chateau but the dark matter that exists there cannot be ignored. The lake front home of the late Friedderik Family was known for the uninvited spirits that were drawn into the mansion. Call it a phenomenon, call it ghosts, but many just call the Eerie Chateau “Hell on Earth”. Those who have been strong enough to make it out, describe the chateau as “outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation”. Your life may never be the same after you take a journey through the Chateau.

Ghostly Manor Haunted House – As seen on The Travel Channel’s “Best Places I’ve Ever Been,” Ghostly Manor has drawn national attention. Ghostly Manor was rated the #1 Haunt in Ohio for 2011 by Haunted Attraction Magazine and is recognized as “One of Americas Best Haunts” by www.americasbesthaunts.com. In 2010 Rand McNally chose Ghostly Manor as one of its’ “Top 10 Haunted Houses for Halloween and DAFE www.dafe.org ranked Ghostly Manor #4 in its’ Top Ten Walkthrough Attractions list for the last four years. Do not under estimate the terror that awaits you in every room of Ghostly Manor. The haunt has more than doubled in size for this October and has been newly remodeled to compliment the eerie adventure that waits …. that is, Lake Eerie Fearfest.

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